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Unfortunately due to strict training requirements we are not taking on new volunteers for our normal service. However, we have just launched SF PHARMACY, a joint initiative between us and the NHS Trusts we serve. This is a daytime service delivering prescriptions to patient's homes. This is a car only service and does not pay expenses. If you'd like to volunteer, please contact Edward at membership@severnfreewheelers.org.uk

[Please note the "severn" - our colleagues at Freewheelers in Bristol have been very patiently forwarding the mails of people who didn't quite read it properly!]

Thank you

When things get back to normal, of course, we are always looking for volunteers to help with the service. If you can spare a little of your time then we would be pleased to welcome you to join us.

Firstly, we need people that can help with fundraising. As you might have guessed the service cannot run without the money raised by our members and fundraising is perhaps the most important thing that we do. From shaking a tin outside your local supermarket to visiting big business to ask for sponsorship, at £14,000 to run a bike for a year the fundraising never stops.

Dispatchers are an important cog in the machine.  As a dispatcher you would be on duty for a half-week period.  During that time you would be expected to field calls from hospitals, plan a route and send the rider to the relevant location.  Calls can come in from 7 in the evening till 7am the next morning although the bulk of the work is in the early evening so don't worry, you won't lose very much sleep!

If you would like to ride the bike you need to be at least 30, and hold a current advanced riding certificate from the IAM or RoSPA (Silver or Gold level), or be a police rider.  We can put you in touch with an advanced riding organisation if necessary - see elsewhere on this site.  You would store the bike at your home for a half-week duty slot, during which time you would be responsible for any jobs that are called in 7pm-7am and all day at the weekend.  Obviously you will need somewhere safe to store the bike and be willing to ride in all weathers.  Before starting out we provide a 'check ride' and offer routes to further training should you need it.

This video, compiled by a fellow blood biker in another area, gives a very good feel for what goes on in a typical duty.

It is advisable to contact us before sending in a riding application, as there may not currently be vacancies in your operational area.

Please contact us for further details on how to become a Severn Freewheeler.

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